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Paleography Resources

Listed below are resources for transcribing and translating Spanish paleography for early modern documents.

Bates: Researching the Inquisition
A digital humanities resource compiling inquisition documents, transcriptions, and translations from Inquisition scholars.
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BYU Spanish Script Tutorial
An online resource detailing document types, handwriting styles, vocabulary, and training exercises.
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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute: Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool
"The Spanish Paleography Digital Teaching and Learning Tool is an online interactive resource to assist users in the learning of the deciphering and reading of manuscripts written in Spanish during the early modern period, roughly from the late 15th to the 18th century."
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Compendio de paleografía española by Antonio Alverá Delgrás
An 1857 manual identifying notarial styles, alphabetic examples, and offering document excerpts for practice. The entire resource is available free via Google Books.
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UO Spanish Paleography Resource
An online resource aiding paleographers in recognizing abbreviations, vocabulary, and writing styles.
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AGNP, SO CO, Leg. 126, No. 1112, f. 1-27

Note: This is by no means a comprehensive list of paleographic resources. If you have a resource you would like to add, please email historianhisey@gmail.com