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Meet the Team


Aimee Dávila Hisey

Aimee Dávila Hisey
Aimee Dávila Hisey is an Instructor and PhD candidate in History of Science at Oregon State University. Specializing in viceregal history, she is interested in the history of medicine and the circulation of medical knowledge among practitioners in the face of historical adversities.


Diego Silva

Diego Silva is a Spanish major at Oregon State University.

Elliott Scheuer


Elliott Scheuer is a senior in Geography and Geospatial Science at Oregon State University. His research experience has primarily been focused on agricultural decision-making; he is interested in food production, climate change, and social networks. 

Michael Conratt

Michael Conratt is a senior history major at Oregon State University. 

Julissa González

Julissa González

Julissa González is a graduate student and researcher at the Universidad de Chile.